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Buds, shoots and leaves

Seven Rose plants were laid to rest today. After several trials, many buds, many more blooms eaten by nature’s cutest creations and many re-positions to pander to light and air fickleness, I had to concede that my balcony was just too moody for these seemingly hardy yet extremely delicate plants. 
मेरेगुलाबआए, खिलेऔरबिखरगये. किसनेसोचाथाकि  छायाभीकभीकातिलबनजाएगी.

Child forever

Does a fish catch cold?
Can a Sun ray turn to gold?
What if the sky turned green
and stalks grew inside the bean?
Where do all the colours go
when the lights are out and candles blow?
Who made the smile, ma?
And why does it tickle so?
How do you know my bruise will heal?
Kiss it better, seal the deal.
Why is a cuddle the best of all?
When will the kitten call?
Will the Sun always shine so bright
so every misty morning turns out right?
Tell me what is yet to come
Let me in on the fun.
My curious mind will always seek
and keep me young and on a peak.
My wings will always stand to fly
down valleys lush, up endless sky.
Because that's what you taught me, ma.
To be, to live, to ever see.
So my heart is warm
and mind is free.

Happy Childrens' Day :-)