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Considerately, English

Deccan Herald, Sunday Herald. Cover story. Dec 18, 2011.

Considering the oft-considered consideration that, “English is a bhery phunny language”, Namakhalaal Mr Bachchan’s top order verbal unleashment stays tops across common conversation even decades since Bollywood officially endorsed the extent of funniness the English language lends itself to. Very funny then and as punny now as the proficiency and intent of the speaker, spoken English, the way we know it and the way many would have us know, enthrals with vagaries sometimes hilarious, sometimes misleading, sometimes downright offensive but mostly…different…in a different sort of way. Its manifest boon or bane, ultimately, depends on how varied our reasons for speaking it are and where we speak it − all, always, ultimately, considerably considerable. While non-native speakers continue to cook its broth most relentlessly, only those who have had personal experience …

Ideal State

Deccan Herald, Sunday Herald. Cover story. Oct 16, 2011.

The foundation of a ‘Welfare State’ has been most magnificently illustrated in Amish’s epic debut novel, The Immortals of Meluha. Its governance rests on the instruction of ‘give and give’, where each citizen is, by law, duty-bound to always do for the other. With everything taken care of for your self by the next person, no one is left wanting. Each citizen partakes, automatically, of a generous society that cares equally for its upkeep as it does for the sentiments of each other. Equal opportunity and abundance of resources and goodwill are a natural consequence and the state prospers under a moral framework poised on ethics and righteousness. By law. An ideal citizenry, in and of an ideal society. The Indian sentiment reveres it as Ram Rajya – the quintessence of ‘truth, tranquillity and peace’. Agencies of administration call it ‘Ideal State’ – a seemingly Utopi…

“Yes”, because we can!

Sunday Herald, Deccan Herald. Sept 04, 2011. Cover Story
He looked straight in the eye, took a moment and asked, “Do you ever say ‘no’ to anything?!” The exasperation was palpable and the response, “Only to your present question”, guillotined that conversation.
Work continued uninterrupted and a project that was in escalation for 45 days went live at 05:00am the next morning. The team reached their wives and wi-fis for a late breakfast and those who were sure it would fail (as it had done continuously for the previous two years), were collected in a closed room, answering questions on how an external consultant could come in for ten days and turn around an implementation that had cost the company several hundred million dollars over the past five years! They are still trying to figure out how none of them before that day, had ‘stumbled’ upon such a simple solution that started saving the company many millions right from the firs…

Don't Blame Us For Trying

Sunday Herald, Deccan Herald. July 24, 2011. Cover story.

Having beat the rush hour after a week-long sick leave, we reached school unexpectedly early that morning. With all room doors still shut and maintenance staff only just trickling in, there was not much else to do but wait.
The virtually empty school building worsened the heaviness in my eyes as we sat there, just the two of us, my little boy leaning on my knee. It’s been a while since we officially started life in Bangalore and as I fondly watched my munchkin through the fatigue weighing me down into the cold steps outside the classroom, one question repeated itself: “Is there anything I wouldn’t do for my child?”
Again, I looked at his beaming face, now bobbing up and down along the row of floor tiles, when my eye caught the poster on the wall behind him. Boldly calligraphed was: “Many parents are so anxious to give their children what they didn’t have, they o…

‘Boy’gone heirs

Sunday Herald. Deccan Herald. May 29, 2011

Just over nine years ago, I was this miracle maker that produced the most wonderful 21 inch wonder of all – a Baby Boy! I was congratulated, applauded and celebrated. Add to that, I had provided the family the first grandson of the generation, the only one in a decently long line of probables.

Some time back, a dear one brought back old memories. The stimulus for this talk was a young couple, in the close circle, expecting their baby. Speculation was rife on whether my son’s exclusivity would be challenged!

Well, that record remains for the time being, but as for my personal glory, let’s just say, “I know the feeling”.

To set the context here on, I must explain that I have the fortune to be amidst the fun-loving, academic and professionally very well accomplished, who continue to further their illustrious ilk. So while I had comforted myself with the thought that this obsession with th…