Thursday, 27 June 2013


Dear Kodavas,

We keep harping on about our identity and ethnic pride and are arrogant enough to look down on all other forms of human life.

But what have we as a people done to actually achieve it? Our forefathers lived a certain way, we dress and profess our heritage in their style, we have a certain build and our reputation built on that. Today, the world knows us as inhabitants of the Great Western Ghats. We are spoken of as  a beautiful race of martial people with a unique culture. And coffee.

Without a distinct and complete language, which forms the ramparts of any culture, how can we fortify this grand legacy?

We speak kodavathakk and write in Kannada. Others, fascinated foreigners mainly, have tried to form a script on an anglovernacular basis. It was a grand scheme then and a valiant effort - something that came to nothing much more. And it still was not entirely unique.

Since then, we have 'one of our own', a spectacular sculptor, an ambitious artist who has carved out not just sensational pieces of stone, but a great script that can take us forward as a race, with a complete language and identity. His formulation is a unique script that is original and founded on original lettering.

How many of us know of it?

Rather, how many of us WANT to know of it? And what are we going to do about making this see the light of day?

Are we really as proud of ourselves as we make ourselves out to be?

There is a question for you. Its answer lies in what you are going to do with invaluable resources like this post.

With immense pride laced with delightful arrogance,
Tej :)