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Knock Knock. Who’s there?

Sunday Herald, Deccan Herald.March 20, 2011, cover story.

On an unusually hot April day in Wimbledon, the extremely attractive and very young guest of a neighbour knocked on my door. In cropped linen trousers and a simple chiffon top, she was a welcome draught of cool in that unnatural heat. Just five days old in the country, she was there to meet a prospective groom, born and bred in swanky Chelsea. Naturally, she had no problems with following the arranged marriage tradition, but was in tears after a few meetings with this dashing lawyer, who worked in the City.

He came from a very modern home with traditional values. They had rice and chapattis every day. He enjoyed watching Hindi movies – in fact he knew most of the current songs. She didn’t. Many of his pals were Indian and Asian, but his best friend was Scottish. She politely smiled at his jokes and he never got hers. He touched his parents’ feet on every special o…