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When the good get going…

When was the last time you said, “I wish …”, and stopped short, because either you didn’t really know what you wanted or, worse, you knew you couldn’t have it?
On the first day of June, when most children spent their last day of summer at home around adults preparing for another weekly battle against the world, there were some lucky ones that got to indulge in their longed for Sunday lie-in. There was, however, another set of mad-hatters who decided to break free.

Together with a burly band of khakhi-clad foot soldiers of the local administration and scrawny women with no more than the expectation of an extra day’s wage (and of course, everything else that they could guilt out), for something they should have been deployed to do in the working week, anyway, a bunch of urban enthusiasts of all ages, who would not settle for compromise any more, got about scraping up the mess of many years. They ate, they drank, they served, they re-energized repeatedly and they heaved some more.
With shov…