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Is our value base on regression mode?

Sunday Herald. Deccan Herald. April 24, 2011, Cover Story.

“What was your reason to get me married?”, I probed my mother as I started work on this article. While she took her moment to frame an acceptable answer, my all-knowing all-of-nine, bounded to my lap and held my face tightly in his palms. With his characteristic, infectious smile he declared, “To have ME! Simple, silly!”

Kisses flew around the room. My son had, in one spontaneous moment, uttered the ultimate truth behind all creation.

For a country like India, this is the perfect endorsement for family – one that has always worked.

So when this idyllic situation witnesses trends that are totally opposed to its ethos, the jolt is hard because while the ideology that is India prospers as a nation, something is going horribly wrong at the very core of its society.

There was a time in all societies, all over the world, when things were quite simple. A sire presided.…