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Book review

Kailpodu Special for my Kodava brethren :)
Book review
TONGUE OF THE SLIP: Looking Back on Life with Humour – CP Belliappa
By -Tejaswi Uthappa

Here comes a ‘chill pill’ for those with the verve to laugh at life. If that’s not you, pick up a copy along with your choice of beverage and learn to. And if in the midst of a tale you find yourself chuckling or, worse, are left with that strangely suspicious sense of déjà vu, take another sip and read on...


We keep harping on about our identity and ethnic pride and are arrogant enough to look down on all other forms of human life.

But what have we as a people done to actually achieve it? Our forefathers lived a certain way, we dress and profess our heritage in their style, we have a certain build and our reputation built on that. Today, the world knows us as inhabitants of the Great Western Ghats. We are spoken of as  a beautiful race of martial people with a unique culture. And coffee.

Without a distinct and complete language, which forms the ramparts of any culture, how can we fortify this grand legacy?

We speak kodavathakk and write in Kannada. Others, fascinated foreigners mainly, have tried to form a script on an anglovernacular basis. It was a grand scheme then and a valiant effort - something that came to nothing much more. And it still was not entirely unique.

Since then, we have 'one of our own', a spectacu…

Mysooru Mallige and other musings

Summer was expected to be hot, but the ‘highest temperatures in eight years’ was the last endurance test we were willing to abide by at the end of a hectic spell of changes and reorientation. And so we decided to run – literally.  

     My parents were headed westwards on work and though we desperately needed some rest, anything seemed better than having to tolerate the mercury in Bangalore. So we joined them. And as, bit by bit, the smog of a city bursting at the seams gave way to wider and roomier stretches of relaxed and less aggressive countryside, our stresses also started ebbing. By the time we rolled, unaccustomedly unhindered, into laid-back and even (as a friend says) languid Mysore, we were breathing easy again. 

     And then we stepped out of the car.

     Ah! The mirth of deception! The Sun seethed as if avenging a lost victory to the winds of past years. Large open waters sighed their vapours away and the rest of earthly life simply gave in.  

     But thanks to a friend a…

And Hearth and Home shall meet

Star of Mysore, Feature Article. 06 May 2013.
It takes little to spark an inferno when it comes to community, beliefs and opinions. And such discussions become very important when foreign circumstances come into play. Allow me to explain. From a particularly sensitive quarter, came a seemingly innocent query into the relevance of old culture in our fast evolving modern day. As expected, it instantly turned foul when the enquirer stated his own sentiment.  The reason for it to take such an immediate wrong turn was that, while he was happy to be associated with the community on its dedicated social networking forum, his views strongly suggested abandoning all traditional customs. Naturally, all hell broke loose and while the moderates tempered the situation, a question loomed: “Who are we, without our traditions?” Those close to home, clearly, don't see these contemplations as life-changing. But for those who are far from our land of origin, far from the security of the familiar and mo…